Amanda Batula is a rising star and was very talented; she even impressed plenty of followers through her figures and motivated them to maintain their figures. She even confessed that her clothing no more fits her as she had lost 15-20 pounds, isn’t it surprising? What was the reason behind that? Did she start any workouts, or what had she done? She is a 5-foot 6-inch tall; she even said that she had gone back to the college weight of about 110lbs or 50kg.

What was her diet plan?

To reduce weight, the first rule you have to apply is to adhere to a strict diet; Amanda Batula did the same she has multiple recommendations related to diet that she had even followed. She was not fond of gyming or exercising all the time, so she went to the nutritionist and controlled her eating habits as it is dangerous for her health to overeat. So, she started an appropriate FODMAP Diet.

The best or most effective tip to reduce weight is to keep control over carbohydrates, sugar, etc. So, she even stopped taking those fruits that contain extra natural sugar. This was like a game-changer that brought a massive change into her life. She was only consuming vegetables and doing intermittent fasting.

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Intermittent fasting:

Those unaware of intermittent fasting, then this is for you guys that intermittent fasting is 

a proper scheduled diet plan where you switch between eating and fasting. It’s a huge game changer and can significantly change your body. You will be surprised after witnessing its effects as it is so beneficial in managing your weight, as mentioned earlier.

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What did Amanda say about intermittent fasting?

Following are some of Amanda’s statements narrative that she said about the intermittent fasting:

“She drank bulletproof [coffee] while she was following intermittent fasting strictly that she was intermittent fasting because it’s full of healthy fats and it always keeps her full until she was about to eat lunch around 3:00 or so and also used to take some beverages during this,” According to the narrative of Amanda.

“The thing that worked best for her and was the most simplest and she even saw the best results from was intermittent fasting and bulletproof,” Amanda told her fans.

Another tip in Amanda Batula’s weight loss is that she always fulfilled her cravings. Although she used to eat those things a small amount, she always attended to them. However, she didn’t keep a continuous track of her calories. When Amanda Batula’s excellent tip was that she does not eat lunch until late afternoon when intermittent fasting because she does not feel hungry during intermittent fasting. While her favorite food is pizza, which she loves, and also takes butter, coffee is a very famous drink that mixes coffee, Brain Octane oil (C8 MCT oil), and either grass-fed butter or ghee.

Let’s see below in her before and after weight loss picture:


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Amanda Batula weight loss secret

She told the secret of her weight loss: drinking beverages between intermittent fasting or switching between eating and fasting. It helped reduce approximately 15-20 pounds. She was at her heaviest.

 According to Amanda Batula, the only thing that created a vast difference or helped manage her weight was controlling her eating habits, which means her diet does not work out. So, she always tries to maintain her diet by monitoring food, not by exercising. Weight loss can be exhibited only by dietary changes or by continuous efforts. However, she still manages her weight as it fluctuates, but she controls it by controlling her eating habits.


Weight loss is excellent for health as well as for maintaining figures as well. However, there are multiple options or ways to reduce your weight. You should always choose the healthiest way to reduce weight as it can even also negatively influence your body if you try to reduce it in an unhealthy way. Amanda Batula chose the best way to intermittent fasting, and it turned out to be a game-changer for her as well, like everyone else who tries it and appropriately follows the entire diet plan. She didn’t focus much on workouts, and it didn’t turn out to be more practical than fasting, and the main thing is to control your diet. This is the best way to reduce weight. Amanda Batula’s weight loss journey is an inspiration to the entire world as she was at her heaviest while being at the peak of her career and how she managed to be slim and still manages her weight as it fluctuated sometimes. Still, she has complete control over it and her eating habits. So, we all should take Amanda Batula’s weight loss journey as a 

motivation and tries to manage our weight in the best possible way.

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